How did Pilfer become Brassmonkey Bay's newest star? Click below for MUSICAL CLUES about what happened after she hitched a ride on Captain Ballast's yacht. 

Pilfer Possum was born to be a DIVA...

(So she decided to find a spotlight and stay in it!)

Fact-checker Footnote:

PILFER is a Brush-Tailed Possum, a nocturnal, semi-arboreal marsupial common throughout Australia and New Zealand. Her species numbers are high and her kind is not threatened, in part because these possums are protected and have adapted well to loss of their natural habitat.  Sometimes they move in with humans (including the author!) where they make themselves comfortable in roofs and  garages.  Brush-tailed Possums will run over your rooftops in search of food and can make a lot of noise to get your attention,  coughing, hissing and growling just outside your bedroom window. 

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