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'The Birds of Harvest Island'

​*Whistler is a Central Australian Superb Lyrebird. He has an extraordinary repertoire of vocalizations ranging from birdsongs to chainsaws. Hunted to near extinction in the late 20th century as decorations for feathered hats and fans, the adaptable Lyrebird made a strong comeback until the Black Summer bush fires decimated wildlife populations.

*Tattler is an Abbott's Booby, an endangered species of seabird found only on Christmas Island.  They mate for life (up to 40 years) and lay only one egg every 15-18 months. On this remote island between Australia and Indonesia, many bird and animal species developed in isolation.  Although adapted for long-distance flight, the Abbott's Booby remains near the island to forage for fish and squid. Habitat loss by development and mining reduced Abbott's Booby numbers to an estimated 2500 breeding pairs. It is at risk of extinction.

*Buzz is a Christmas Island Magnificent Frigate Bird, a kleptoparasitic (fish-stealing!) seabird with a distinctive red throat pouch. The most critically endangered of five existing Frigate Bird species, recent figures suggested only 1200 breeding pairs of Magnificent Frigate Birds were left.   

​​​​Tattler, Whistler, and Buzz have the facts!


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