Fact-checker Footnote:

*The Southern Grey Koala, a shy, loveable marsupial with many unusual characteristics including unique fingerprints and two thumbs, is found primarily on Australia's south-eastern coastal region.  All koalas species are increasingly threatened by habitat loss. With a diet consisting exclusively of of eucalyptus leaves, koalas need the leaves of about 1000 trees specific to their region in a lifetime to survive.  The loss of a single tree species can be a disaster for them. Accurate numbers of wild koalas are hard to estimate but after the catastrophic 2019-2020 Australian 'Black Summer' bush fires, some experts have suggested populations declined by 80%. 

Chilli was a poet and a loner.  So how did he find himself in a Gang?

Chilli Koala is the star of the Gang.

But he came to the Zoo--in a shipping crate!"